Supported Learning

Villa Maria’s philosophy derives from the spirituality of St. Alphonsus Liguori.  Our interpretation of the Alphonsian mission, as it relates to a Villa Maria Academy education, recognizes that students learn differently.   All students are guided to a path that provides them the opportunity to fulfill their God-given potential while meeting the requirements of a Villa Maria Academy education.

Supported learning services are provided to ensure that students develop the strategies necessary to achieve success in high school and beyond.   Designed in conjunction with our philosophy of ‘placement for success’, students may be assigned to specific programming to support directed instruction of cognitive strategies that empower learning and lead to academic success, as directed by the Office of Curriculum and Instruction.  No student, regardless of curricular path, will be exempted for the graduation requirements.

Students adhere to and immerse themselves in Villa Maria Academy High School’s rigorous and rewarding academic curriculum, and the Supported Learning Department provides an additional space for students to demonstrate mastery of this rigorous curriculum with an increase in individualized attention. Regardless of executive functioning or various levels of multiple intelligences, all individuals need additional support at one point or another.