Technology Education

Computer Science at Villa Maria is built on this central concept: Yes, you can code.

The goal of technology education is to attract new students to the many opportunities of computer science.

Students can discover computer science at the beginning level, learning the basics of coding, digital media, and programming. Students can push themselves to achieve success on AP tests, computer game creation, and website design.

Teaching strategies include:

    • Pair-Programming
    • Project-Based-Learning
    • Self-paced Learning

The classroom learning environment is designed to prepare students for a computer science career: students work collaboratively, act as project managers, and take personal responsibility.

Links for Learning



Everything needed to learn computer science at school, including web-based curriculum and teacher tools.

Technology Faculty

  • Mr. Erik Magness

    Ext. 1117

    B.A. Classical Archaeology and Ancient History

    Franklin and Marshall

    M.Ed. Latin

    Albright College

  • Mrs. Linda Schweitzer

    Ext. 1026

    B.S. Elementary Education

    Saint Joseph's University

    M.S. Technology in Education

    Chestnut Hill College

  • Ms. Tanina Urbanski

    Ext. 1206

    B.A. Media & Society, Dance

    Hobart and William Smith Colleges

    M.S. Information Systems (in progress)

    Drexel University

Technology Courses

Computer Resources (CP)AP Computer Science Principles
Digital Media (CP)
Computer Programming (CP)
Digital Media (CP)
Computer Programming (CP)
AP Computer Science A
AP Computer Science Principles
Game Design (CP)
AP Computer Science A
AP Computer Science Principles
Digital Media (CP)
Computer Programming (CP)
Game Design (CP)
Advanced Topics