The Theology Department of Villa Maria recognizes its unique role in the educational ministry of the Church and its specific implications for this school. The Theology Department seeks to offer leadership, vision and inspiration within a school whose mission is firmly rooted in the Gospel and steeped in Catholic tradition. In an effort to respond faithfully to the goals set forth in the “Declaration on Christian Education,” we define our program and purpose, “… to inspire the student with the Spirit of Christ, to help to bring to maturity the gifts and talents of each student, and to direct all students to become involved in transforming their world into God’s Kingdom.” These goals offer an attitudinal, cognitive, and affective dimension as we seek to transmit a spirit of faith and to teach Theology as an academic discipline with specific, measurable objectives. It is the integration of these dimensions that provides the challenge as we seek to lead young women to live lives of spiritual growth, intellectual inquiry, and Christian service.