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Special Programs

Scholars Program

Students in classes at the Honors level at Villa Maria generally take multiple Honors and Advanced Placement courses. However, for students who seek deeper academic challenge and the pursuit of learning at the highest academic level, the Villa Scholars Program offers opportunities beyond the usual coursework.

Senior Capstone Project

The Senior Capstone Project is a culminating learning activity that encourages critical thinking and research, promotes conversation and problem solving, and results in real-life application of prior and acquired knowledge.

Students will concentrate on areas of personal interest. Using an inquiry-based method, they will connect their acquired knowledge to life experiences, thus deepening their awareness of what they learned.

The goal of this learning activity is not only to sharpen and expand the students’ method of research but to develop interpersonal and communication skills and to encourage personal growth. Ultimately, the students will learn how to learn, and hopefully enjoy the process.

Travel Opportunities

Villa Maria students have opportunities to broaden their horizons through optional travel in the US and abroad.