Student Publications

Villa Maria girls can hone their writing and find outlets for literary expression in several student publications.


The purpose of the Reflections staff is to create a book that captures the various aspects of the school community during a given year. Members must attend training sessions in the spring and early fall. Editorial staff members must attend one work meeting and one staff meeting each week. Writing staff members meet in the mornings as needed, typically once or twice a month. The editors attend and facilitate all staff meetings. During deadline week, all staff members must attend all meetings until their section is finished for the deadline.

Festival – Literary Magazine

Festival challenges and showcases talented student writers and artists. Members work on all aspects of the publishing process, from campaigning for contributions to developing the theme and evaluating the works submitted, from typing and proofreading contributions to designing attractive layouts. Editors meet on the first Wednesday of the month; staff members meet on the second Wednesday of the month. Staff members are expected to give additional time during January and February to prepare the magazine for the publication deadlines.

Views of Villa

Students can contribute articles to this Alumnae magazine.