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Villa Maria Academy’s cutting-edge technology program prepares students to leverage leading tools in college and in their careers. Our faculty and administration constantly evaluate the latest innovations and seek ways to adapt them to our curriculum.

Villa Offers the Latest Technology Resources

From their first day on campus, Hurricanes access a broad range of technology tools and guidance.

Villa Maria Academy continually invests in technology across our campus. Our data network delivers fast, secure connections to both school devices and devices used by our students in the classroom.

Additional computer resources are located throughout the campus to help students fulfill course requirements. Students have access to Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X as well as two computer labs across campus, including a gaming lab. 

We complement this hardware by giving all students access to the world’s most popular applications and services. Most notably, all students receive Micosoft Office 365 accounts, Google G Suite accounts, and Adobe Creative Cloud accounts, enabling them to learn the systems used by virtually every college and Fortune 500 company. All data created is backed up to Microsoft OneDrive/Sharepoint.

Students Engage with Technology

The Lynch Design Lab, located in St. Joseph's Hall, offers students the opportunity to use and gain experience with a variety of technology, including: DJI 2 mini drones, a Phantom 4 DJI drone, iRobots, and MakerBot Method, Replicator+ and Sketch 3D printers. Villa's Tech Club and its faculty and staff moderators have developed a popular esports program that offers practice sessions and competitions on campus. 

1:1 iPad Program & Requirements

We are proud to continue the use of a 1:1 iPad program to its fullest. Students participate in an innovative and highly engaging learning environment that has transformed the educational experience at Villa Maria. The unique aspect of our program is that each student brings her own device to campus. 

The minimum requirement for Villa students is the base iPad model at 64GB of storage. Some students do opt to purchase the iPad Air or iPad Pro, which are also accepted. Many students also buy accessories like a case, keyboard, and Apple pencil.

Technology Team

Mr. Eric Flores

Network Administrator

Mrs. Linda Schweitzer

Academic Technology Specialist