Technology Program

Goals of the Tech Program

Villa Maria Academy is committed to enhancing the education of its students by enabling them to participate actively in the educational process through the skillful use of technology in all of the appropriate forms. We are committed to the following action goals:

  • Provide an educational program that helps all students become proficient users of technology for the 21st Century.
  • Train all staff, in an ongoing and supportive manner, in ways that will enhance classroom instruction through the use of technology.
  • Use technology to assist and enhance the educational program.
  • Expand the availability, use, and integration of technology into the curriculum through the school Media Center, iPads and classroom technologies and internet and cloud resources.
  • Expand and maintain a campus-wide technology infrastructure that will incorporate networking and multimedia technologies that will serve teachers, staff, students, and alumnae.
  • Develop and implement an integrated campus-wide technology program for administrative/staff personnel.
  • Establish a technology center/hub as a school and community information center.

We developed an evaluative process that will effectively and efficiently enable the school to acquire, update and incorporate technology throughout the educational program.