iPads at Villa Maria

Making an IMPACT with Technology in Education

IPad Use at Villa Maria

It is the vision of Villa Maria Academy HS that all students and staff will have access to appropriate and effective technologies and will use new and emerging technologies to inspire them to be lifelong learners while gaining essential skills that will enable them to become successful in their future college and career, and become contributing members of the community. IPads are required for daily use by all students and faculty at VMA. 

We recognize that our students are growing up in a world where digital tools are everywhere. They are affordable and therefore used every day to work, to communicate, to collaborate, and to learn. In order to be prepared for the future, we believe Villa graduates must think critically and creatively in order to solve complex, non­standard problems, understand their role in an interdependent world and use evolving technologies for research, communication, collaboration, and innovation.  Our iPad 1:1 program,is a tech and curricular framework where learning in the classroom takes on a more dynamic and collaborative level of learning and assessment.

Families may purchase an IPad base model, IPad Pro or Mini 4 for their daughter from any retailer.  Minis and Pro models are allowed in addition to the 9.7″” model but most find this model to be best in both size and price.  Keyboards and cases are encouraged and most find that helpful in class and for iPad protection.

Currently the iPads available include: (JUNE, 2019 Pricing from apple.com) WIFI model is fine.

  • iPad Mini 4 (128GB)    $399  (touch ID)
  • iPad 9.7″ (32GB)      $329  Recommended model  (touch ID) *
  • iPad 9.7″ (128GB)         $429  (touch ID)
  • iPad Air 10.5 ” (64GB)  $499 (touch ID)
  • iPad Air 10.5″  (256GB) $649 (touch ID)
  • iPad Pro 11″ (64 GB)    $799 +  (face ID)
  • IPad Pro 12.9″ (64GB)  $999 +  (face ID) Uses USB-C Connector, not lightning connector

OLDER MODELS that are acceptable with iOS 12 and 13 (to be released Fall 2019):

  • Ipad (5th and 6th Gen)
  • Ipad Mini 4 and Ipad Mini 5th Gen
  • Ipad Air 3rd Gen
  • Ipad Air 2

Additional GB Sizes available. Apple Pencil can be used if desired with iPad and iPad Pro models listed below

Apple Pencil for $99 (Optional)
iPad Pro 12.9‑inch (1st and 2nd generations), iPad Pro 10.5‑inch,
iPad Pro 9.7‑inch,
and iPad (6th generation)

An apple pencil can aid a student in electronic drawing, note taking and marking up documents however, it needs to be charged to be used.  A 15 sec charge usually gives a student about 30 mins of use.  It can be charged from the iPad itself but a case to hold the pencil stylis is encouraged.  Many students find a bluetooth keyboard more beneficial for typing.  Both are optional accessories.

We encourage students to bring a cable/brick or USB powerpack to help with extended use of the ipads.  Many batteries on the ipads will make it through the day since we are not using the iPads all day in every class.  It is a tool, much like a calculator and some students may use it more than others.

iPad Purchase Option

Purchasing iPads through Springboard.com

As a parent of a Villa Maria Academy student, you are entitled to discounts on iPads, select cases, and select accessories through Springboard Media, located in Exton, downtown Philadelphia, and online.  All Villa Maria students use Apple iPads in class. Villa Maria Academy has partnered with Springboard to host the school’s online store for iPad and accessory purchases.

Purchasing through Springboard is not required, but does offer parents a discount on all purchases. The company also performs repairs and training for Apple products.

  • Discounted pricing on iPads and accessories for Villa Maria parents.
  • 12 Month financing with 0% interest.

In Store at one of two retail locations.

Main Street at Exton
290 Main Street
Exton PA 19341

Center City Philadelphia
116 S 13th Street
Philadelphia PA 19103