Technology Resources

All students receive a network and e-mail account to use during the school year. Mail may be retrieved on or off campus. Private and secure personal storage drives are also given to each student and are backed up nightly. Access to Internet is available from every station on campus. All students will be required to have an iPad for class use beginning September, 2014.  There are three full computer labs equipped with the latest Microsoft, Adobe and classroom application software.  In the library, an additional laptop area and small group room is available for student use.  All classroom spaces are equipped with a smartboard, ceiling mounted projector and amplified speakers, apple TV device and laptop. 

All students receive the following resources:

  • Network/Villa Email account with personal P Drive space (backed up nightly)
  • Cloud storage via Schoology
  • Schoology account for curriculum/coursework management and access to faculty messages for classroom and activity news.
  • PowerSchool portal access for Parents and Students for Grade access, demographic updates and school communications.
  • Keycard/ID Card for school access.
  • Online library resources (24/7) via Schoology portal for research during and beyond the school day.
  • Access to wifi network on campus.
  • Filtered, safe access to the internet via Sonicwall
  • Internet Safety course
  • Access to Microsoft, Adobe, and SmartTech  applications
  • A Mac/PC environment, with three computer labs, one 20-station Library lab, one Tech Resource Classroom for specialized classes, one Macintosh Music Theory Lab, one Macintosh Art Lab and one yearbook Mac Lab.
  • Technology Club for Students: VMA Tech Aides allows students the ability to learn and gain technology skills not found in the traditional computer curriculum including website development, publishing skills, AV skills, collaborative project design and network maintenance.
  • Villa Maria Academy maintains a licensed collection of student and administrative software.
  • All students and parents are required to sign and agree to the AUP (Acceptable Use Policy), which is located in the student handbook.