Parent Ambassadors

Please contact the Admissions Office and they will put you in touch with a Parent Ambassador. These Ambassadors will be happy to talk with you and share their firsthand knowledge of Villa Maria and their experiences with the high school selection process.


Perry and Anna Cozzone (P’17):
We, as parents, have been so happy with the positive attitude and guidance that Villa Maria Academy provides. They really are focused on what is good for the individual student! Other girls and families can benefit from Villa because whether your daughter is shy or outgoing, they really work with all personalities and make them a family. Villa Maria is a great community for all!

Liz Kanaras-Cade (P’18):
Villa Maria Academy has values that align with ours and embody positive personal, spiritual and intellectual empowerment.

Maryann McCallister (P’12 ’17):
As I watch my daughters grow, I attribute their success to the solid foundations, the high academic challenges and the teachings of self confidence and moral integrity that both my girls are receiving/have received at Villa Maria. During these crucial years of a young teen’s development, I wouldn’t choose any other school for my daughters than Villa Maria!

Karen Walters (P’16):
Villa Maria Academy’s education is providing my daughter with not only strong values but a solid framework for success in the future. I am impressed with the caring teachers and their availability. They want each student to find her passion and reach her full potential.


Dave and Lisa Carickhoff P’16

Stephen and Carmen Chick P’15 ’17

Perry and Anna Cozzone P’17

John and Gail Dalton P’08 ’10 ’11 ’15

Jeannie Davies P’13 ’15

Joe and Pauline Heater P’14 ’18

Maryanne Higbee P’14 ’16

Megan Hoppel P’17

Liz Kanaras-Cade P’18

Colleen Maguire P’14 ’17 ’19

Patrick and Maryann McCallister P’12 ’17

Michael and Michele McHugh P’09 ’12 ’17

Chuck and Diane Mooney P’15

Kirk and Kathy Oates P’16

Jen Pizzi P’17 ’19

Jeff and Amy Reid P’18

Bob and Susan Spielberger P’17

John Van Grinsven P’13 ’17

Karen Walters P’16