We invite you to take a moment to read some testimonials from Villa Maria students and parents. In addition, we have several parent ambassadors who are happy to share their firsthand knowledge of Villa Maria and their experiences with the high school selection process. Please contact our Admissions Office if you would like to speak to a parent ambassador.

Student Testimonials

Erin Kennedy ’20:
At Villa Maria, I immediately felt part of the “sisterhood.” All of the upperclassmen are extremely nice and happy to help the freshmen navigate their new school. At Villa Maria, girls accept everyone’s individuality regardless of their special talents. Since coming to Villa Maria, I’ve experienced everything that I hoped for. When I graduate from Villa Maria, I know that I will be prepared for college and real-life situations. I am also confident that the friends I make at Villa Maria will be my friends for life.

Isabel O’Donnell ’20:
When I shadowed at Villa Maria during my eighth grade year, I knew that it was a school different from any other. Villa Maria is not just a high school; it is also a second home filled with more than 440 sisters. Every day, I know that I am surrounded by some of the most talented and well-rounded young women there are. Every day, we are encouraged to become strong, independent, and successful young women. I am so thankful for the amazing opportunities that Villa Maria has given me so far, and I am excited to see where my remaining high school years will take me.

Parent Testimonials

Perry and Anna Cozzone P’17:
We, as parents, have been so happy with the positive attitude and guidance that Villa Maria Academy provides. They really are focused on what is good for the individual student! Other girls and families can benefit from Villa because whether your daughter is shy or outgoing, they really work with all personalities and make them a family. Villa Maria is a great community for all!

Liz Kanaras-Cade P’18:
Villa Maria Academy has values that align with ours and embody positive personal, spiritual and intellectual empowerment.

Melissa and John Mannato P’20:
The faculty, administrators, and our daughter’s classmates at Villa Maria have created an environment which not only encourages, but mandates spiritual growth, friendship, respect, acceptance, leadership, academic excellence, and a true sense of community.

Maryann McCallister P’12 ’17:
As I watch my daughters grow, I attribute their success to the solid foundations, the high academic challenges and the teachings of self confidence and moral integrity that both my girls are receiving/have received at Villa Maria. During these crucial years of a young teen’s development, I wouldn’t choose any other school for my daughters than Villa Maria!

Dawn Rosenberger P’20:
Our daughter attended a public school from kindergarten through 8th grade in a very large district. We were all unsure what to expect from a private school and a much smaller community. However, from the moment we started the admissions process, the Villa Maria faculty was so warm and welcoming. With each event we attended, it became clear that Villa Maria was a special place and a great choice for our daughter.

Jen and George Stroup P’20:
Villa Maria makes a promise to provide a dynamic spiritual, intellectual and social environment that challenges and empowers young women to live by their faith, develop their intellectual gifts, enhance and broaden their skills, and use their talents to benefit society. So far, this is exactly the experience we have had.

Faculty Testimonials

Sister Marie Claire Matsinger, Director of Campus Ministry:
For me, Villa Maria is a reservoir of beauty: the beauty of nature in every season; the beauty of laughter and joy; the beauty of friendship; the beauty of praying together; the beauty of team work; the beauty of diversity; the beauty of affirmation, reverence, and respect; the beauty of giving time to one another; the beauty of gentleness when someone is hurting; the beauty of reaching out to someone who is excluded; the beauty of learning; the beauty of music and art and dance and literature; the beauty of humility and integrity; the beauty of collaboration; the beauty of kindness; the beauty of living love, creative hope, and faithfulness. Villa Maria opens hearts to the Beauty of God dwelling within and around us.

Dr. Anthony Mosakowski, Fine Arts Department Chair:
I think there are several things that make Villa Maria special. I really believe that the students, faculty, and staff are part of an extended family. We feel at home here. The faculty and administration are always trying to improve the education and experience that the students receive. If I had to give a two-word summary, I would say, “Villa cares.”

Parent Ambassadors

Joe and Pauline Heater P’14 ’18

Liz Kanaras-Cade P’18

Colleen Maguire P’14 ’17 ’19

Jen Pizzi P’17 ’19

Jeff and Amy Reid P’18