Book of Principals Project

Dear fellow Villa Marians,

At Sister Regina Ryan’s request, Villa Maria’s Advisory Board recently established an IHM Charism committee, whose mission is to find ways to keep the identity and presence of the IHM Sisters alive and accessible. To that end, the committee is working on the creation of a compendium of the 25 Sisters who have served as principal since VMA’s founding in 1872. What the committee envisions is a Book of Principals, with one or two pages for each Sister, with her photograph (when available from yearbooks or other sources), a short bio and references to contemporary Villa Maria and world events.

The committee has already been fortunate enough to have access to Villa’s yearbook collection and to the Mother House’s archives. To help make this project come even more alive, I’m reaching out to you for any memories, photos, anecdotes, etc., you have about any of the Sisters listed below. Of course, the farther we go back in history, the scarcer material becomes. But there’s always the possibility that you may have inherited history and memories from your mothers and grandmothers.

So, rummage through your memorabilia and through your attics and send your information to me at at your first opportunity. And don’t hesitate to email me with any questions.

Warmest regards,
Eileen O’Malley Spangler ’69

Villa Maria Principals

1872-1886 Mother M. Gonzaga Rooney
1886-1892Mother M. DeChantal Hayes
1892-1893Mother Mary Borgia Eckenroth
1893-1904Mother Mary Camilla Maloney
1904-1905Mother Mary McMenamin
1910-1912Sister Mary Irene Lafferty
1912-1914Mother Mary James Sweeney
1914-1925Mother M. Loyola Gallagher
1925-1931Mother M. Crescentia Lamb
1926-1930Mother M. St. Margaret Donavan
1931-1935Mother M. Immaculata Hayes
1935-1939Sister Louise Marie Betz
1939-1940Mother Mary Esther Carty
1940-1946Mother Mary Andrew Murray
1946-1956her M. Catherine Louise Martin
1956-1962Mother M. Carmen Rosa Hamill
1962-1968Mother Maria Assumpta Monaghan
1968-1971Mother M. Therese Agnes Bell
1971-1974Sister Marie Agnese O'Brien
1974-1975Sister M. St. Eileen Gilligan
1975-1981Sister M. Lucina Hirsch
1981-2000Sister Maria Veritas/Mary Kelly
2000-2002Sister Patricia Fadden
2002-2012Sister Marita Carmel McCarthy
2012- presentSister Regina Ryan