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Mentor a Villa Student

Remember when you were a senior in high school or a freshman in college, or even a 45-year-old woman trying to figure out what you wanted to do with the rest of your life? Don’t you wish you had someone reaching out to you with the answers?

So many young women at Villa Maria are looking for businesswomen who can provide a look inside a typical day in their career, or guide them in the direction of their dreams. Villa Maria asks its alumnae to bring the future to life for so many of our students. It also helps that you already have one thing in common: Villa Maria!

Villa Maria graduates have been part of a strong tradition of excellence in women’s education, and we are asking you to pay it forward to a current Villa student. No matter your position, career or tenure, you have valuable experience to share with a student. Please consider joining our mentoring programs. 

Ways to participate:

  • Have a student shadow you for the day at work
  • Act as a resource, taking calls or emails from a student with questions they have about careers
  • Participate in our Career Share at Villa Maria
  • Be part of our Senior Capstone Project