Covid Procedures for Officials

Download the Officials Screening Form


  1. Officials will park in the lot closest to the game field or gym.
  2. Upon the official’s arrival at the facility, all officials will be screened and temperature checked by a member of the athletic department staff or a coach.
  3. Officials are required to sign a COVID acknowledgement form.  Download the form here, print, and bring to your assigned game. Extra copies will be available if you forget your form. This should be filled out the day of the contest.
  4. Locker rooms/changing rooms will not be provided before, during, or after the game.  Please have all officials come ready.
  5. Hand sanitizer will be available at the scorer’s table.
  6. Water will not be provided due to COVID hydration guidelines. Please bring a water bottle with you.
  7. If you feel sick, we ask you to please stay home! Contact your assignor and the athletic director Stephanie Taylor (office 610-854-6134).
  8. Officials are to bring their own mask. Masks must be worn by adults at all times on campus.
  9. Game balls/equipment will be sanitized/disinfected whenever possible during the course of the contest. Our staff will meet with officials before the game to come up with a plan.
  10. Any game management questions should be directed to AD Stephanie Taylor (office 610-854-6134).