The Villa Maria golf program welcomes players of all skill levels to join! Our priority is to grow the game of women’s golf through the integration of faith, athletic discipline, golf skill development, and genuine team camaraderie.

2020 Golf Schedule


By the time a student completes the golf program, she should have the skills and interest necessary to continue golf as a lifelong sport. With this goal in mind, we welcome all students to consider joining our team.

For higher-level players, the varsity team offers intense, team competition and a rigorous coaching program.

There is a junior varsity team for players who need more time to build skills, but may still be considered for matches.

Finally, there is a practice team for new, more timid players who wish to try golf for the first time.

Coach Matthew Poole

Matthew Poole is entering his fifth year as a golf coach, having spent time as a head coach, assistant coach, and volunteer. He also teaches full-time in Villa Maria’s theology and social studies departments. His love of the game began in childhood, playing junior golf out of Coatesville Country Club and being coached by his father and grandfather. He then played high school golf, focusing on more advanced swing skills and course management. His coaching philosophy is the development of the whole athlete: golf skills, golf fitness, psycho-emotional development, and spirituality. Mr. Poole offers student golfers the opportunity to learn the diversity of the game: technical swing training, shot making, course management, team-building, leadership skills, how to handle the mental, stressful side of the game, and the importance of spirituality and integrity in golf.