Counseling Department

VMA Counseling is the “I” of the Hurricane
Identify Investigate Implement Imagine

Villa Maria’s Counseling Department takes a team approach—every student has both a school counselor and a college counselor. The school counselor works with a student through her four years, getting to know and understand her, guiding her, and working together with her college counselor to help her achieve her personal goals. Beginning with the Counseling Seminar classes, Villa Maria addresses students’ needs at every stage of their high school years.

FRESHMEN will develop their vision for a year of transition and success, both academically and personally.

Freshman Seminar, through the theme “Identify,” assists freshman students in becoming oriented to Villa Maria and adjusted to life in high school. It addresses organizational and study skills, time management, extracurricular involvement, community service, and college preparedness.

This course also affords the freshmen an opportunity to discuss the different qualities that go into building and maintaining strong character, both as a student at Villa Maria and a woman in today’s world.

The students identify possible obstacles and brainstorm solutions in an effort to make their first year one of success both academically and personally.

Sophomores will explore, research and reflect on how they interact with and impact the world around them.

Sophomore Seminar is centered on the theme “Investigate.” Students will explore, research, and reflect upon how they interact with and impact the world around them. They will identify their preferences through completion of personality inventories and have an opportunity to discuss perceptions and stereotypes.

Students are introduced to the college/career search platform SCOIR where they have the opportunity to learn more about potential careers and majors that may satisfy their individual personality traits and interests.

Students work on building a strong resume and are encouraged to develop leadership skills in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Juniors will launch the individualized process that positions them best to obtain their career and life goals.

The year-long Junior College Seminar focuses on the central theme “Implement.” First semester will focus on test prep and test-taking strategies in advance of the PSAT in early fall, and spring standardized testing. Through the remainder of the year, students rely on developed self-awareness and incorporate that information into their college search.

Juniors in this course practice articulating their strengths and completing coursework that helps them prepare for personal statements, essays, and college admissions interviews. Students will use the search platform SCOIR to define their college search and create their college application list.

At the end of this course, students will have key elements of the application process complete and the tools necessary to continue application progress throughout the summer and fall.

Seniors will build upon their plan that leads them towards limitless possibilities.

Students use the Senior College Seminar to “Imagine” their possibilities. This course serves as a college application resource period to answer any logistical questions regarding the application process. The seminar also gives senior students an overview of procedures regarding their applications throughout the year.

In addition to providing instruction on required application materials and deadlines, the course also serves to support students with expectations of college and the transition from high school to college.