Sophomore Seminar

Sophomore Seminar focuses on the “Do What You Are” Program, a segment of Family Connections. Sophomores explore personal, extracurricular and academic interests and how these relate to various career options, which then develop into college major choices. This course also gives the sophomores an opportunity to discuss how to build a strong college applicant profile through involvement, as well as continuing to work on and improve time management skills. Other topics include character building, personal and academic goal setting, and leadership.

Sophomore Seminar Syllabus Outline

  • Class #1: Introduction & Self-Exploration
  • Class #2: Reaching Self-Awareness
  • Class #3: Personality Types & Career (Computer Lab)
  • Class #4: Linking Career to Majors & Colleges (Computer Lab)
  • Class #5: Getting Involved (“Building College Application Profile”)
  • Class #6: Presentations