Freshman Seminar

Freshman Seminar is a required graduation elective course that offers ninth graders important skills to high school success. This is an academically based course that will offer students instruction in study skills, organization strategies, goal setting, and time management techniques. The freshmen guidance counselor introduces the class to the culture of Villa Maria Academy High School, focusing on the traditions, activities, and services available. Students will work on high school planning, and explore post-secondary college and career options as time allows.


  • Help students identify strengths/weaknesses in terms of study habits and make necessary adjustments
  • Understand the importance of time management
  • Set goals regarding academic, social, and personal success
  • Seek help in the areas of academics, personal problems, spiritual concerns, behavioral issues, etc., from the resources available here at Villa
  • Make healthy decisions and adjustments while transitioning into high school
  • Provide the students with the knowledge to become ethical academic achievers
  • Strengthen the student’s understanding of and belief in personal integrity
  • Use the skills learned throughout the entire freshmen curriculum