Junior Seminar

Course Description

The goal of the Junior College Guidance Class is to prepare juniors for the upcoming college application process.  This course meets once a cycle during the second semester of junior year. Students will be competent in completing college searches on Naviance’s Family Connections, drafting an activities resume, preparing for standardized testing by having a realistic timeline, making the most out of college visits, preparing for interviews, and completing college applications; among other college application processes.

Class Outline

  • Class #1: College Entrance Exams: SAT and ACT
  • Class #2: The College Search: Reach, Realistic, and Confident Schools
  • Class #3: The College Search 2: Common App and non- Common App Schools
  • Class #4: Going on College Visits
  • Class #5: Interview Skills
  • Class #6: The College Essay
  • Class #7: Activities Resume
  • Class #8: Teacher Recommendation Questionnaires
  • Class #9: Senior Visit Day
  • Class #10: The Common Application
  • Class #11 & #12: Application Materials & Teacher Recommendations