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Music Instruction

Each week, there are almost two hundred music lessons taught by ten music specialists in the areas of voice, guitar, piano, and orchestral instruments within the school day.

Villa Maria's private music lessons are open to all students, from aspiring beginners to experienced musicians. Students registered in music instruction receive graded, one-on-one lessons for 0.25 credits. In addition to the convenience of taking lessons during the school day, these lessons are available for a fraction of the cost of private instruction outside of school. Lessons are scheduled during study hall or advisory periods.

Begin an Instrument

Many students at Villa Maria are highly successful at beginning a new instrument and then becoming a member of the Orchestra. String and brass instruments can be borrowed for a nominal annual maintenance fee. Students with experience on the piano are especially encouraged to begin a new instrument in order to participate in Orchestra.

Percussion music lesson

Performance opportunities

In addition to joining Villa Maria's music ensembles, music students have multiple opportunities to perform throughout the year, including:.

  • Piano Repertoire Classes
  • Voice Recital
  • Guitar Recital
  • Piano Guild Auditions
  • Constance Murray Piano Festival
  • Student Music Recital (Instrumental)