Tri-M Music Honor Society

Tri-M Music Honor Society recognizes secondary school music students for their accomplishments in music, academic excellence, school involvement and community service.  Villa Maria’s Tri-M Chapter 1227  is the primary sponsor of ALL music department activities.  All concerts and musical services on campus are sponsored by our chapter. Villa Maria’s Chapter 1227 has garnered numerous state and international awards for their outstanding service to school and community.

Students are eligible for consideration for Tri-M as juniors and seniors. Candidates for the student membership in Tri-M International Music Honor Society are selected by fulfilling the following requirements.

  • Only juniors or seniors who have been responsible members of a school-sponsored music ensemble for at least one school calendar year prior to the year of induction are eligible.
  • Students must exhibit exemplary rehearsal conduct and attendance in school ensembles, be present at all concerts, and exhibit a good attitude toward teachers and fellow students.
  • Only students who study music privately on a weekly basis will be considered.
  • Candidates must have maintained a grade of “A” in music (or the equivalent grade from an outside teacher) for the year prior to induction, be in good standing in other academic subjects, and have a conduct grade no lower than Needs Improvement (N) for 90 days prior to induction.

The Tri-M sponsor will receive recommendations from music ensemble directors, private teachers, the Director Curriculum and Instruction and the Dean of Students to assess the above qualifications. Members must maintain the standards that were used as a basis for their selection. In addition, any violation of the Academic Honesty Policy will result in dismissal. Meetings are held each month on the first Friday that school is in session.