Guidance Department

Our main goal in college guidance is to prepare our students for the college process and aid them in selecting a school where they will be most successful.

Students come to Villa Maria Academy with a desire to achieve. Once here they develop the personal motivation, self awareness, maturity, and self confidence necessary to succeed so they may go to the college of their choice. Our curriculum is structured so that every graduate will meet course requirements at colleges and universities throughout the United States. Each student will possess a strong academic transcript worthy of scholarship and reflecting the foundational knowledge necessary to succeed at the college level.

The College Guidance Program has enjoyed considerable success. 100% of our graduates continue their education at an institution of higher level learning and every Villa Maria Graduate is eligible for merit scholarship.

College Guidance is a focus throughout all four years here at Villa Maria Academy, with formal instruction and assignment of a college counselor beginning in fall of sophomore year.

  • The college guidance office hosts information sessions for students and parents on the college selection process, financial aid, standardized testing programs, and the application process.
  • Test preparation is addressed through ACT and SAT practice exams as well as in-house instruction.
  • College representation is evident through college panels, in-house college fairs, and nearly 100 college visits scheduled per year.

Counselors are available to families as support and education throughout all the four years, and students have personal appointments during each school session to discuss their interests and options and to assist with course selection.

Through this involvement, counselors and families together discern the best path for each young lady as she prepares for her future.