Service Learning

Service Learning is an instructional method that fosters student learning and service to one’s community. Students apply knowledge and skills developed in the classroom to service opportunities in the community. In turn, the service experiences help create conditions for students to succeed in the classroom and in life.

Service Hour Requirements Per Year By Grade

Class YearHours RequiredMinimum Service Hours Due 1st semesterMinimum Service Hours Due 2nd semester
20222513 hours by or before 11/12/2112 hours by or before 4/15/22
20232010 hours by or before 11/12/2110 hours by or before 4/15/22
2024158 hours by or before 11/12/217 hours by or before 4/15/22
2025105 hours by or before 11/12/21
5 hours by or before 4/15/22

Cumulative Service Hour Requirements By Grade

Class YearTotal Service Hours due 11/12/21Total Service Hours due 4/15/22
20224960 (graduation requirement)

In, please check on your service hours under “Graduation Service Hour Requirement.”  Be sure to look at APPROVED hours, not TOTAL hours.

Service Hours – Grading and Submission

Each member of the Classes of 2022, 2023, and 2024 will receive a PASS or FAIL for Service Learning on her final report card and this will be included in PowerSchool. Each member of the Class of 2022, 2023, and 2024 will receive a PASS, INCOMPLETE, or FAIL for service learning on her semester one report card and this will be included in PowerSchool.

Service hours for transfer students will be prorated by the Director of Service and Social Justice.

Villa Maria is using the x2VOL platform for the submission and recording of service opportunities. Students are responsible for submitting their own service hours to x2VOL and ensuring that their service hours are verified by their service contact according to the above-listed due dates. Verification of service hours may only be done by a direct sponsor or moderator of the service opportunity.

Types of Service that Fulfill Service Requirements

  • Service opportunities sponsored by Mission and Ministry such as bi-monthly service at Good Samaritan Food Pantry (partner with Chester County Food Bank); monthly service at Cuddle My Kids, and various other service opportunities offered on a weekly basis
  • Service to the Villa Maria community sponsored through the Admissions Office, Campus Ministry, the Director of Retreats, Advancement Office, Athletics Office, and the school store
  • Service at a church (local parish or diocese) including ushering, altar serving or teaching religious education classes (altar serving at Villa Maria does not count towards service hours requirements)
  • Coaching, mentoring, and tutoring (any non-family member)
  • Outside service opportunities which provide an opportunity for students to provide direct assistance to people who are socially or economically disadvantaged and marginalized including service to the poor, the homeless, the disabled, the sick, the elderly, and the unborn and/or expectant mothers (any non-family member)
  • Service at a nonprofit organization which meets the above-stated service hour requirements.

Types of Activities that Do Not Fulfill Service Requirements

  • Any work which includes a stipend
  • Travel time, unless it is directly connected to the service being performed
  • Help given to family or friends that does not provide an opportunity for student to assist people who are socially or economically disadvantaged and marginalized
  • Hours from middle school or grade school
  • Babysitting for family or a friend
  • Altar serving at Villa Maria Academy
  • Work at a for profit entity or organization
  • A student may only earn 3 hours of service from baking activities which meet the previously stated requirements

If a student is unsure that an outside service opportunity meets the service requirements, she must meet with the Director of Service and Social Justice. Students assume the risk for all service opportunities which are not approved as the hours completed may not be counted.

Participation in Activities

Ordinarily, no student may participate in any school-related activity, including activities sponsored by other schools, unless she has completed her service hour requirements (which include the verification of service hours by the service contact) by the published due dates. Activities involved include — but are not limited to — dances, field trips, athletic competitions, musical performances, and honors convocations.