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Welcome, Villa Maria Parents!

This page contains links to essential information, the Villa Maria Parents Association (VMAPA) and its activities, and Villa gear.  

Calendars and Communications

Visit the School Calendar page for the school and athletics calendars, and for downloadable calendars.

Parents Association (VMAPA)

VMA Parents Association

Learn about the Villa Maria Parents Association and its activities.

VMAPA Events and Activities

Find out about the events for the year and sign up for a variety of volunteer opportunities.

Outreach Request

The Outreach Ministry is a group of Villa Maria parents reaching out to aid and support members of the Villa family who need assistance (meals, rides, prayers,etc.) in times of hardship or illness.

Grandparent Relations

Fill in the online Grandparents Form if you would like students’ grandparents to receive invitations and information.

Forms and Assignments

Summer Information

The Summer Information page provides summer reading lists and assignments, book lists, summer tutors, and Schoology instructions.

Health Services

This page provides an overview of Villa Maria’s Health Services. (Health forms can be found on the School Forms and Information page.) If a parent has any questions and would like to speak with the school nurse, please call Pierina Antonello at 610-644-2551 ext. 1062, fax 610-644-2866, or email

School Forms and Information

This page contains links to general forms required for all students, medical Forms, athletic forms, and absence and miscellaneous forms. It also has links to the Student Handbook, school policies, and other essential information.

Helpful Links

FAST Financial Aid 
FACTS Tuition Service

Uniforms and Villa Gear 

School Store

The Villa Maria School Store is open for business in the Marian Center, offering Villa PE uniforms, spirit wear, school supplies, balloons, snacks, and other fun Villa items like blankets and bags.

Uniforms and Dress Code

See the Uniforms and Dress Code page for details on the Villa Maria dress code, and links to uniform supplier Flynn and O’Hara online.

Cafeteria Payment System

Villa Maria is introducing an electronic payment system to be used in the cafeteria, and eventually for other purchases like school trips, school store items, and events. See the Cafeteria and Store Payment Accounts page for more information.


Driving and Bus Information Page

Find driving permission forms, van information, and school district busing information on this page.