Cafeteria and Store Payment Accounts

*Please note: Class of 2026 families will be emailed information about setting up their My Payments Plus account in August 2022.

Villa Maria parents can now use a system called My Payments Plus (MPP) to put money in a payment account for students to use in the cafeteria. The accounts will also be used to pay for school store food purchases, school trips, and events.

  • There is NO fee to add money to an account electronically. All families are REQUIRED to set up an MPP account at the start of their daughter’s academic year.  Monies that remain at the end of the school year will be automatically rolled over for the next academic year.  Seniors who graduate with a balance will have the option to have a refund sent to the parent (if the balance is more than $20.00) or automatically transferred to a sibling at the school.  Checks will not be issued under the $20.00 threshold.

All Villa parents are REQUIRED to create an account at There is no fee to create an account.  You will need to link a bank account or credit card to move money onto the student’s account for Cafeteria and school purchases.  This works similar to E-Z Pass.  You may also set a notification for low balance and replenishment of funds.

All NEW families will be sent information about the MPP program in August of each academic year.  Families are encouraged to create their parent account and LINK their daughter(s) to that account using their daughter’s School ID number (5 digit).  This number can be found on their school ID card.

Use MyPaymentsPlus to:

  • Pay for meals, and (coming soon) fees and activities.
  • Manage and keep track of all student payments in one convenient location.
  • Monitor cafeteria purchase history and receive low balance alerts.
  • Browse registration deadlines, enroll your student in various school activities, and review any outstanding fees (coming soon).

Easy one-time registration

  • Visit
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to create an account.
  • Add your students using their Student ID number on their student Photo ID card. (5 Digit)
  • Meal Payments on the Go: there’s an app for that! Search “MyPaymentsPlus,” available for iOS and Android.

How many funding sources can I add?
You may add more than one funding source.  For example, you can use a credit card for activity related purchases and a bank account or secondary credit card for the cafeteria.

What if I have more than one daughter?
You can add multiple daughters to your one parent account using their school ID.  You can even use one funding source and divide the funds between the girls.

What is the low balance threshold for notification?
All students with a $5.00 or less balance will receive an email reminder to replenish funds for continued use of the MPP program.  Parents may wish to set a higher threshold before accounts reach the $5.00 mark to avoid emails.


  • All Villa parents are REQUIRED to create an account at  All Students are REQUIRED to wear their school ID daily and use this in the cafeteria for purchases.
  • Cash and checks will not be accepted for Cafeteria or Food related store purchases.
  • Transaction Fees will be paid by the school.
  • Zero balance in student accounts will result in a grilled cheese sandwich and small bottle of water allowance for a period of three days. If funds are not replenished the student will need to bring their lunch or fund their balance.
  • The ID Card program will only be used for cafeteria and food related purchases in the school store. Apparel will not be added to the system at this time.
  • End of Year Balances for students who leave the school will be refunded if the amount is greater than $10.  Transfer of funds to siblings will be automatically moved at the end of the Senior’s graduating year. Credits greater than $10 will be refunded to the family by the finance department at the end of June.
  • MPP program will be used across the school by departments
    • Cafeteria Sales
    • Store Food Sales
    • Activities
    • Athletics
    • Service
    • Field Trips
    • Special Events for students

Parent and Student Notifications

      • When a student’s balance reaches $5.00, Students will be informed of their balance at the Cafeteria line.
      • Parents will be encouraged to set a reminder threshold notification on their account or set up auto replenishment of funds.
      • MPP will automatically deliver a notification to parents and students via EMAIL when balance meets $5.00 or less.
      • Families who do not respond to the replenishment of funds will be denied lunch on the line and in the store. Special exceptions can be made for mission students or special cases outlined by the Principal or finance department.

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