Coronavirus Policies 2021-22

If your daughter shows any signs of a respiratory illness and/or fever (100 or higher), please keep her home until symptoms are gone.

Please complete VMA’s Daily Screening questionnaire each morning.  Notify the School Nurse with questions or concerns.

Students must be vaccinated to take part in any school trip, event, or activity if the trip is beyond a 100 mile radius of Villa Maria or the venue requires vaccination.

 Masks will be optional for all both indoors and outdoors at Villa. We will ask that everyone continue to carry a mask on her person for times when they might be requested. Masks are still required by law on all bus transportation and mandated for anyone who has tested positive for COVID for five days following their return to school.


Villa Maria welcomes home and visiting team spectators for basketball and swimming. For the health and safety of all members of our school community, we thank you in advance for supporting the following spectator protocols:

  1. Please self-screen before attending any event. If you have any symptoms, please stay home.
  2. While indoors, masks must be worn properly (covering both nose and mouth) at all times.

Student Athletes and Coaches

  1. Masks must be worn indoors, in all areas.
  2. Exception: Student-athletes may choose to unmask indoors while actively participating in practice or competition.
  3. All must wear masks when they are not physically active (e.g., on the team bench, pool deck, observing practice, riding team buses).
  4. Masks must be worn at all times in locker rooms.
  5. All will need to bring their own water bottles. We will have a water station set-up if you need more water.

Please consider getting the Covid-19 vaccine to keep our Villa Maria community safe. The  covid-19 vaccine is the best means to keep everyone healthy and safe from covid-19. The covid-19 vaccines are safe and effective, and boosters have been recommended for people over the age of 16.

Please email a copy of your daughter’s covid-19 vaccine card to the School Nurse. (

  • Must get tested 5 days after known exposure if they are symptomatic.
  • Testing must be done at a covid testing site (rapid antigen or PCR). No at home test will be accepted.
  • If positive, please notify the School Nurse.
  • Wear a mask for 10 days indoors and while participating in sports.
  • Please provide test results as student’s absentee note for return to school.
  • Must get tested 5 days after known exposure.
  • Testing must be done at a covid testing site (rapid antigen or PCR). No at home test will be accepted.
  • Quarantine for 5 day- period from their last date of exposure.
  • If they remain asymptomatic throughout the 5 days, they can return on day 6.
  • They must wear a mask for the next 5 days.
  • If positive, please notify the School Nurse.
  • Please provide test results as student’s absentee note for return to school.
  • Individuals who had a POSITIVE diagnostic test for Covid-19 within the last 3 months do not need to quarantine if they remain asymptomatic. Documentation of positive antibody tests must be provided to the School Nurse.
  • Individuals who have exceeded the 90 day period of a positive case of Covid-19 can submit a monthly antibody test to be excluded from quarantine.
  • Masks are a must indoors.

Please refer to page 9 in the VMA Handbook for guidelines if a student is absent for three days or more.

  • After testing positive and severe symptoms, students must be seen by their physician to return to an activity. (Activities include athletics, dance, PE, and clubs that require activity, perhaps music).
Dropping Off Items for Students
  • There will be a table outside the Main Office Doors (by the blue mailbox) for Parents/Guardians to leave items for students during the school day.
  • All items should be clearly marked with the student’s name.  The Main Office Staff or student will retrieve the item.
Visitors/Volunteer Policy on Campus
  • Necessary visitors will be by appointment only.  All visitors will report to the Main Office in the Regina Mundi Building.
  • Visitors must present a valid driver’s license for identification purposes.
  • Everyone — vaccinated and unvaccinated — is asked to wear a mask indoors.
  • Faculty/Staff Members will meet their visitor in the waiting area.  Visitors should leave campus after their appointment.
Safety Updates
  • Water bottle filling stations across campus replaced water fountains.
  • Wall-mounted hand sanitizer units are available all over campus. Classrooms also have additional sanitizer bottles on the teacher’s desk or entry into the room.
  • Air filtration/ionizers and HVAC systems are upgraded to provide a safe circulation of air in areas including the Senior Lounge.

Please follow CDC guidelines if you are traveling internationally.