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Uniforms and Dress Code

General Principles

Students are expected to present a polished and professional appearance at all times. Students must wear the regulation school uniform purchased from the school’s designated supplier. Skirts should be no shorter than approximately 3″ above the knee.

Uniforms should be cleaned, in good condition, and properly hemmed when necessary. Severe shaven-type haircuts are forbidden as are painted streaks and/or glitter in the hair. Any type of facial piercing, or tattoos, are strictly forbidden.

Requests to wear non-regulation shoes for an extended period must be submitted to the Dean of Students. Such requests must be accompanied by a note from a physician explaining the reason for the request. The school reserves the right to define what is appropriate school appearance.

Dress Code

Winter Uniform

  • Regulation plaid skirt
  • Appropriately-sized blue or white oxford cloth shirt; school monogram on collar is optional. No non-Villa logos or emblems are permitted.
  • T-shirts may not be worn under the school shirt.
  • Brown loafer/boat shoe style approved shoe
  • Navy blue blazer–required for assemblies and liturgies (names are to be placed in blazers).
  • Navy blue crew neck or V neck monogrammed sweater (optional).
  • Regulation blue VMA outerwear (optional)
  • Navy blue opaque stockings or regulation navy leggings with navy socks

Summer Uniform

  • Regulation light blue cord skirt
  • Regulation navy blue knit shirt with school emblem–no substitute permitted
  • T-shirts may not be worn under the school shirt.
  • VMA navy blue socks (tights are not permitted; no logos other than VMA).
  • Brown loafer/boat shoe style approved shoe
  • Navy blue crew neck or V-neck monogrammed sweater (optional).
  • Navy blue blazer-required for liturgies and assemblies.
  • Regulation blue VMA outerwear (optional)


Shoes are to be in a loafer, saddle or “boat shoe” style. They should be brown – any shade of brown is acceptable. There should be no decorations like prints, glitter, and so forth.

Click here for a photo of acceptable shoe types

Gym Uniform

VMA navy gym sweatshirt, sweatpants, navy shorts and shirt. Purchase your required gym uniform at the School Store by June 7. If you are unable to purchase your gym uniform by this date, please use this form to place your daughter's order. Orders can be picked up prior to the start of school in August (time and date to follow). Payment for orders placed using this form will be required upon pickup. Please note that all students will need a gym uniform, regardless of if they are registered for a phys. ed. class, because it is also required for seasonal pep rallies.

Outerwear during School Hours

Students are permitted to wear any BLUE Villa Maria logo outerwear on campus. Non-Villa Maria logos, including colleges, are not permitted. There are designated special days when non-blue Villa gear will be allowed.

When necessary, acceptable outerwear may be worn to travel between buildings. However, jackets or sweatshirts with offensive logos are not permitted on the VMA campus.

Uniform Supplier


Uniforms can be ordered from FlynnO’Hara online, in one of their stores, or over the phone at 800-441-4122.