Clubs and Activities

Which clubs inspire you?

At Villa Maria, education extends beyond the classroom as our students are encouraged to develop their talents and discover their passions in every area of their lives. Whether they are playing a sport, performing in a concert, writing an article, creating a piece of art, or volunteering their time, our students encounter countless opportunities for growth. Students are encouraged to embrace new experiences, take some risks, and discover new passions.

Altar Services
Athletic and Spirit Association
Biology Club
Book Club
Climbing Club
Community Outreach
Concert Chorus
French Honor Society
Freshman Art
Handbell Choir
Language Clubs
Latin Honor Society
Light and Sound Crew
Literary Magazine
Madrigal Singers
Marian Masques
Mathematics Honor Society
Mock Trial
Music Ministry

National Honor Society
PA Mathematics League
Peer Ministry
Ping Pong
Pop Band
Quill and Scroll Honor Society
Respect Life
Sophomore Art
Spanish Honor Society
Speak Up
String Ensemble
Student Council
Student Integrity Committee
Tech Club
Tri-M International Music Honor Society