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  • Local Entrepreneur Discusses Labor Markets

    Vince Willis, incoming freshman dad and local entrepreneur, spent time with Mrs. McNamara’s AP Microeconomics class to talk about the practical applications of the students’ study of the labor market.

  • Economics Students Present Findings

    Students in Mrs. McNamara ‘s AP Microeconomics Class presented their design challenge investment ideas to a panel of administrators and alumnae mentors.

  • Students Explore the Labor Market

    Students from Mrs. McNamara’s AP Microeconomics Class and Miss McCartney’s Geometry class participated in a two day simulation of the labor market.

  • Econ Class Tackles Diminishing Returns

    Mrs. McNamara’s economics class simulated working in a greeting card factory to illustrate the concept of diminishing returns to scale.

  • Price and Demand Out on the Track

    Students running around a track and working up a sweat aren’t what normally come to mind when you think of an economics class. But Mrs. McNamara’s class is making connections between economic theory and reality in a hands-on way by working up a thirst before bidding on a cold drink.

  • Trading Leads to Gains in Economics Class

    Mrs. McNamara’s AP Microeconomics class was joined by Miss McCartney’s Geometry students on Friday, September 12, 2014 for an interactive economics experiment.