9th Grade Secret Santas Assigned

Each freshman was given a name of someone to surprise at our holiday party on December 17th.

Freshman Christmas Tree

Freshmen decorated a Christmas tree to celebrate the Junior Class Carol and Ring ceremony.

Spring Formal is May 10

The Spring Formal is on May 10th from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Freshmen Prepare for Elections

Students will run for posts in Student Council, Mission and Ministry, and the Athletic and Spirit Association.

Freshman Performances

Freshmen performed their Freshman Class Pep Rally Dance in the annual dance contest at the spring pep rally.

Freshmen Prepare for Course Selection

The freshman class is gearing up for their first experience with course selection. Paperwork will be distributed on Friday, February 1.

Freshman “HOF” Group Plans Events

The 15 freshmen who came to Villa Maria as the only one from their elementary school have formed a group named HOF (Hall of Famers). Together they have taken over some upcoming events for their class.

Freshman Elections

Freshmen are in the process of elections for Student Council and the Student Integrity Committee.

Freshmen Attend Activity Fair

Freshmen are finding their way in extra-curricular activities, and preparing to run for leadership roles.